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Over the last 18 years Airship Logistics has worked tirelessly to provide our clients with transportation solutions to meet their specific needs.†The asset based experience of our founder, Rick Bogoff in the flatbed and airfreight industry has created a strong base to complement our services over various modes; be it truckload, less-than-truckload, or inter-modal services. Since first working together in 1998, it became very apparent that both Airship Logistics and J&A Freight Systems share one simply philosophy; service our customerís needs.

In an effort to provide a constantly improving transportation experience, Airship is proud to offer our clients direct access to J&A Freight Systems suite of services including; 24 hour a day 7 day a week dispatch availability, on-line tracking, and digital document retrieval.†Beginning January 1, 2012, invoices will be sent electronically from J&A Freight Systems corporate offices in Chicago, IL.

Not only can you reach Rick at rick@shipja.com or 773-205-7720 extension 115, but you will also have the support of a team of representatives to help you and your colleagues manage your transportation needs. Feel free to contact us at AirshipLogistics@shipja.com


For more information on J&A Freight Systems services please visit www.jandafreight.com.